The Best Free Plug-in Bundles
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The Best Free Plug-in Bundles

Only a few DAWs come without effects but maybe the stock plug-ins of your DAW do lack some essential features like a mid/side EQ function for example. Therefore, it is handy to have a variety of high-quality effects that provide you with the basic tools a music producer needs. In this blog post, you can find the 3 best free plug-in bundles that are available in VST and AU format for Windows and for Mac. At the end of the article, you can also find 2 honorable mentions which only work on Windows.

The 3 best free plug-in bundles

If you want to start making music, you probably should not waste time searching for different sources for different types of plug-ins. It is way easier to just download one bundle which contains the most important effects so you can directly get started. Also, make sure you check out the stock plug-ins of your DAW. They might be more powerful than you think and you can get a lot of things done with them already. Good examples of free DAWs with really amazing are Cakewalk by Bandlab (Windows) and GarageBand (Mac).


The free plug-in bundle by Melda Production is probably the best free plug-in bundle you can get right now. With 37 different effects and tools, it offers you a variety of plug-ins to choose from. Besides basic effects (compressor, EQ, auto-pan) you also get a really good auto pitch effect, different analyzers and more. I highly recommend you check out this bundle. Something that could annoy you, is that you will have a small banner ad in each plug-in.

Voxengo Free FX

Although you cannot download all of the free Voxengo plug-ins with one click I think they should be on this list. Simply because Voxengo offers you 14 really high-quality plug-ins. The most popular one probably is SPAN, which is a really powerful frequency analyzer. Furthermore, you can get other analyzers, equalizers, delays, a tube amp plug-in and more.

Freeware Plug-ins Pack II

The free plug-in bundle by Bluecat Audio is definitely a great catch! Besides some modulation effects and different guitar amp simulations, you can get an EQ with mid/side function.

Honorable mentions

These two plug-in bundles are definitely worth a mention. Unfortunately, they are only available for Windows in VST2 format.

Dead Duck Free Effects Bundle

The 26 free plug-ins from Dead Duck provide you with all you need to get started making music if you are using Windows. The plug-ins have a really clean graphical user interface. I think this is a great feature because you are forced to focus on the audio.

ReaPlugs VST FX Suite

Reaper is a quite powerful DAW with some great stock effects. You can get 9 of them for free. They are from 2016 but they are still really useful. One of them is a JS plug-in to use code yourself. So if you are interested in starting to program a little bit this might be a good start.

Analog Obsession

Over 40 free plug-ins that emulate analog hardware? Sounds to good to be true? But it actually is. You can get them from Analog Obsession. However, there are still a few issues. I experienced some noise building up over time and other users reported high CPU load. But their developer is really dedicated and he frequently releases updates and new plug-ins. If you want to try them out you are definitely not disappointed by the sound.

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