Online metronome to stay in time!

  • “+” or “→” to increase the tempo
  • “-” or “←” to decrease the tempo
  • “Shift” and “+” or “-” to increase/decrease the BPM by 10
  • Spacebar to start/stop the metronome
  • Enter to start the metronome
  • Esc to stop the metronome

The metronome is based on this code from tabs4acoustic. I have added a tap function to tap the BPM and in Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi the clicking of the sound has been fixed.

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  1. Chad

    Hey man, I really like the metronome!

  2. Matt

    Ah, this is a really nice one. I like the note selection feature.

    One small bug: click on a note, then use the keyboard to adjust the tempo. The tempo changes, but so does the note.

    1. Another Producer

      Hi Matt,

      thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue. Which browser did you use?


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