Online metronome to stay in time!

  • “+” or “→” to increase the tempo
  • “-” or “←” to decrease the tempo
  • “Shift” and “+” or “-” to increase/decrease the BPM by 10
  • Spacebar to start/stop the metronome
  • Enter to start the metronome
  • Esc to stop the metronome

The metronome is based on this code from tabs4acoustic. I have added a tap function to tap the BPM and in Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi the clicking of the sound has been fixed.

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  1. Chad

    Hey man, I really like the metronome!

  2. Matt

    Ah, this is a really nice one. I like the note selection feature.

    One small bug: click on a note, then use the keyboard to adjust the tempo. The tempo changes, but so does the note.

    1. Another Producer

      Hi Matt,

      thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue. Which browser did you use?


      1. Matt

        Firefox (currently 84). Also happens on Chromium (87).

        I click a note, and then press any arrow key. Both bpm and note change.

        1. Another Producer

          Oh, I see thank you!
          For now, just click outside the note box before using the arrow keys or use “+” and “-” keys (If you hold shift and click on “+” or “-” you change the tempo by 10.
          However, I will implement a solution for this issue 🙂

  3. Joe

    Awesome!!! May be if we can download the click track on mp3 format will be perfect

    1. Another Producer

      Hi Joe,

      I’m glad you enjoy the metronome! The export function actually is a great idea!
      I will have a look at how to implement it when I have some time.


  4. Tenka & Black Lotus inc.

    Yes its cool that metronome! 🙂

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