Helpful tools for music production

For musicians, some tools are crucial, such as a metronome. In our digital age, we are lucky to have access to free software and applications that work on our computer and even our mobile devices. Here on this page, you will find some tools that can help you with various tasks. Maybe you are looking for the right BPM for your next song or you need a metronome for practicing. 

My favorite tool of this is probably the Pre-Delay & Reverb Time Calculator, which gives you some starting points for your reverb, delay or LFO settings. The MIDI CC list might be helpful if you work with synthesizers or other MIDI devices and want to keep an overview of the different functions. 

The Frequency to Pitch Calculator shows you the note and offset of a specific frequency. It can also show you the frequency of a specific note (check out if your DAW has an EQ which directly shows you the note for a specific frequency to improve your workflow). If you want to enhance specific overtones which are harmonics of your base frequency via an EQ you can check out the Overtones & Harmonics Calculator.

Have fun using them! I might also add more in the future…